Getting Started

The Notre Dame Web Theme is a design kit for web designers. As such, the University has provided everything a web professional needs to build a new website using the Notre Dame Web Theme. Please do not attempt to recreate the Web Theme, but take advantage of the assets available here.

To develop a new website using the Web Theme, campus units may partner with the Marketing Communications (MarComm) Web Team, the preferred vendor for campus units, or contract with an external agency. Units looking to contract with outside vendors must consult with the Web Team first, at the onset of the project, to ensure compliance with performance, hosting, and accessibility standards. As such, the MarComm Web Team reserves the right to provide corrections or recommendations to any campus websites that do not closely adhere to University standards.

UI Design Kits

Coming soon.

HTML Templates

The following GitHub repo provides starter HTML templates to build on. For addition information about the underlying structure of templates in the Web Theme, visit the Building Templates section.

HTML Templates

Visit the Theme Assets page for additional links to the JavaScript, CSS, and Image files used in the Web Theme.

WordPress Starter Theme

Developing in WordPress? We have a no-cost, starter WordPress Theme available upon request. Contact us at for more information.

Content Examples

The Working with Content section contains visual and code examples of the various content elements within the Web Theme.

For reference information about the fonts and colors used in the Web Theme, visit the Colors & Typography page.

Feedback or Questions?

Have questions or feedback? Contact us at