Sample Layouts & Components

The Notre Dame Web Theme is not intended to be prescriptive related to layouts. Every website has different audiences and content types, and web designers have flexibility to address those needs.

The following are examples of commonly repeated layouts. They are intended to give designers and developers an idea of how certain types of pages and elements might be displayed within the Web Theme.

Home & Default Pages

People Pages

News & Events Pages

Content Components

  • Featured Content

    Examples of featured content, including cards and full-bleed ribbons

  • Images & Videos

    Examples of images and videos within the content

  • Quotes

    Examples of blockquotes and pull quotes

  • Lists

    Examples of lists of content, including summary/detail elements

shared assets

Get Started

In order to ensure branding consistency across all sites, designers and developers should use the University-provided theme files when creating a new website. Don't start from scratch! These shared files are the foundation for the Web Theme.

Visit the Documentation section for the downloads, code examples, and reference material you’ll need to get started.

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